Tema: A duhet te rikthehet denimi me vdekje per rastet si i Viktor Gushit??

Me gjithe argumentat se denimi me vdekje mund te jete shpetim dhe jo denim per kriminelet te gjithe ne kemi degjuar se dhe burgimi ndonjehere nuk eshte ndonje denim i madh per disa. Kemi degjuar sa eshte rritur mireqenia ne disa burgje, bile ne fundjave marrin dhe nga nje femer per te heq streset e javes. Kjo na ben te mendojme perseri mbi denimin me vdekje per njerez jashtezakonisht te rrezikshem si Viktor Gushi. A mendoni ju varja ne mes te Shqiperise eshte e domosdoshme ne kto raste???


Why gay parades are dangerous

Last night all albanian people were included in a hot debate about allowing or not allowing a gay parade on Tirana. People were so excited to voice their opinion about this case, maybe because discussing how sick gays are makes them feel better. Yeah, I think so, talking about gays is a great way to remember ourself that there are some people who are going through worse situations than us and in the end we feel uncosciously better with ourself.

Many hot arguments were turned on by two opponent sides, it degenerated to personal attacks too, however there are some real points that make gay parades very dangerous for our society.

First of all gays tend to give some messages to the public Continue reading